How My NBA Clients Improved Shooting 20%-30% in one season

- How Perfecting Your Balance Changes Everything -

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Meet Your Trainer


Coach Dave Love

For the past 18 years, Dave has coached players of all levels to improve their shooting, through a series of systematic drills & skill progressions. 

His skills in developing shooters has brought him to the NBA where he continues to work with some of the greatest players in the league. 

Dave has been featured in:, Sports Illustrated, Bleacher Report, ESPN, SBNATION, and The Guardian for his unique and noteworthy ability to improve a player's shooting ability.


7 Days To Better Balance ?


A Professional 1-Week Training Schedule To Dramatically Improve Shooting Balance & Consistency

This is the same Better Balance Training that I use with professional NBA players, and the same one that I use with kids just learning to play the game. It is specifically designed to help all players alike to master their balance & connection to the floor to consistently make more shots.

Step-By-Step Walkthrough of 19 Drills & Skill Progressions

I'll personally walk you step-by-step through the simple-to-follow drills & skill progressions that will dramatically improve your shooting percentages.

46 Training Videos

This online course features 46 videos of me teaching you the progressions towards perfected balance, the same as I would if we were in a private gym together.

7 Daily PDF Downloads

These 7 daily PDF downloads are design to help keep you on track towards better balance & better shooting consistency.

More Than Just 'What To Do'...

A BIG difference in what I'm teaching is the PROGRESSION of drills...
I'm not just going to tell you what to do. I'm going to teach you what to do, how to do it and the right time to try to do it.

All Content is 100% Digital. Get Instant Access Today

Safe & Secure. 100% Money Back Guarantee.

What You'll learn:

Great Shooting Begins With

Better Balance

This is the EXACT SAME training program I put ALL of my NBA players through to improve their shooting.

- Coach Dave Love

Improve Your Shooting Today

How to CONSISTENTLY make More Shots Through better Balance

Your balance keeps your body stable when you shoot, and a stable body will be make more shots.

How to Find Your Best Balance in Complex Game Situations

Don't just learn habits for stationary shots, but learn to fight for great balance even in complex game situations.

How to identify reasons for slumps

You will understand how your shot work and be able to identify reasons for misses, and not get into slumps in the first place.

Confidence In Your Shot

The confidence knowing that you can execute consistently will be with you when you are in a complex pressure situation.

More Points Per Game

Your points per game will dramatically increase. This will come as both the result of the new skilled habits, as well as the increased confidence you bring to the court. 

More Playing Time

Making more shots leads to more playing time, better teams, better coaching, more opportunities to excel at the game.

Remove the Guess Work

7 Days To Better Balance Gives you a CLEAR path to follow towards becoming a better shooter. No more guessing. No more hoping to stumble on a good habit. No more practicing the wrong habits.

Get Out of a Slump in Minutes (Not days!)

You will know what a good shot feels like, and the feeling of a mistake. You'll be able to immediately identify why you missed that shot, and end the slump in one shot, rather than weeks. 

Improve Your Shooting Today

Safe & Secure. 100% Money Back Guarantee.


What students

Are Saying:

"Coach Love helped me build new habits that helped unlock the potential in my game, grow my confidence and make a significant jump as a player. He laid out a process that helped me improve 30% from the free throw line in one season."
Aaron Gordon
"I worked with Dave Love starting after my rookie year in the NBA. Both my 3pt and FT percentages increased dramatically after working with Coach Love, and I learned how to diagnose and correct my own mistakes."
Elfrid Payton
"Coach Love helped me improve 20% from the FT line in one season and set the stage for me becoming a reliable 3pt shooter. Not only does Dave Love teach you WHAT to do and WHY, but he also teaches you the drills to learn HOW to learn new habits. That was huge for me."
Dewayne Dedmon
"In shooting workouts it’s not unusual for me to make 20+ 3pt shots in a row. My game shooting has improved from 39% to 59%. My FT shooting has improved from 65% to 89%. Thanks Coach Dave for helping me become a really good shooter."
"My son is a junior in high school and a passionate basketball player. It’s been one month since my son took Coach Love's training, and he has worked on it 30 out of the 31 days since. He has TRULY seen a difference with the consistency of his shot and in turn his confidence. Coach Love is an EXPERT shooting coach."
"Dave Love is an investment that will receive results early and long term if the process is followed. I encourage the local basketball community to get started with Dave as early as possible. He is a true asset to the game and the lost art of shooting."


What Does it


If you were to hire me directly to train you for a week on these progressions of drills...

It would cost you thousands, and thousands for dollars.

But I LOVE teaching shooting...

And I wanted to make this as accessible as I could, while still being able to give it the quality and attention it needs to do it properly. 


Total Value: $497

(80% OFF!)

Safe & Secure. 100% Money Back Guarantee.
"It's now possible to work with an NBA Shooting Coach, for about the same price as seven sessions with your local trainer."
Try this course with no risk

Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with 7 DAYS TO BETTER BALANCE for any reason within the first 30 days, just send an email to the address in the members area for a full refund.
No questions asked.

Improve Your Shooting Today

Total Value: $497

(80% OFF!)

Safe & Secure. 100% Money Back Guarantee.

AN Online Digital Course

Improve Your Shooting Today

If all this course did was...

Make you a much more consistent shooter…

Would it be worth it?

Help you understand your shot better…

Would it be worth it?

Know why you are in a slump (and how to get out of it)…

Would it be worth it?

Gave you more confidence on the court

Would it be worth it?

Get more playing time…

Would it be worth it?

Give you more confidence in your jump shot…

Would it be worth it?

More accurate from the free throw line (where many games are won & lost)…

Would it be worth it?

More accurate from the 3 point line…

Would it be worth it?

Improve your chances to get a scholarship…

Would it be worth it?

What this training Can Do

For Coaches...

Leading a team full of shooters to help you win games & championships

Knowing you have a team full of capable shooters on the floor, ready & able to make open shots consistently.

Step-By-Step Method to Improve players' Shooting

No more guess work as to how to improve your players shooting. Imagine being able to drill your teams like the pros.

Knowing How to Correct a Player's Shot

Easily identify bad shooting habits, and have the drills & skill progressions needed to correct them.

One Time Cost (Use It as Often Or As many Times A Needed)

Invest one time in 7 Days To Better Balnce, and use this proven shooter training for years to come with your own teams.

For Coaches
If all this course did was...

Helped your team make 5% more shots…

Would it be worth it?

Gave you a proven professional system to follow

Would it be worth it?

Know EXACTLY how to improve your player’s balance problems

Would it be worth it?

Gave you the confidence to lead your team through a winning shooting strategy

Would it be worth it?

Help your team make more free throws

Would it be worth it?

Help your team consistently make more open shots

Would it be worth it?

Is this course only for Beginners?


These are exactly the same drills & skill progressions that I use with players in the NBA on a daily basis. It's not just something we do once or twice, and then move on to more advanced techniques. We work on these same things EVERY DAY.

Is this course only for Advanced players?


Balance is the one habit that i encourage players of all ages to be working on. Upper body mechanics are more challenge to work on for younger players, but balance is something that can and should be worked on at all ages & skill level. 


Wouldn't my coach already know these things?

I've now been a shooting coach in the NBA for a number of years, and I have never seen any other coaches do these little drills that I do on a daily basis to improve a player's balance. I have not seen them done at the National, College, or High School levels either. And yet every time I run a player through these progressions, their shooting consistency improves dramatically.

Will I get worse before I get better?

No. Absolutely not!

The course is designed so that we find the level at which you are able to consistently execute the new habit, and then progressively increase the level of complexity from there over time. If the program is followed correctly, you will always been in complete control at all stages of the progression. 

The only time people would get worse, is if they try to jump to a complexity they are not ready for, right from the beginning.


Can I really learn these skills through videos?

Yes you can!

I've trained an NBA player during an entire off season, who lived in a different city than I. We sent videos back and forth on these exact same habits. That player improved 20% from the free throw line, and went from being buried on the bench, to now a starter in the NBA. 


Is watching the course one time enough?

This course is not a magic pill! It is not something you can only watch one time, and expect it to put in the work for you.

It is going to take a lot of work, a lot of time, and a lot of practice to establish the habits you need to excel at shooting. 7 Days To Better Balance will give you the roadmap you need to be successful on that journey, but you still need to put in the hours on the road.

How long will I have access to the course?


Refer back to it as often as you need. I've had many clients take my programs to improve their own game, and then return to the same material years later as a coach. 

Why do some other gurus advocate a different foot position?

There are some out there who may have a different theory on shooting a basketball. But if you look at the foot and balance positioning that I'm teaching, and compare it to the best shooters in the history of the NBA, they are virtually identical. 

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