DO you want to improve your arc and make
20-30% shots in one season?

- My nba clients have done exactly that using these same drills and teaching points -

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7 Days To Better ARC ?

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Each workout is made up of 6-7 videos explaining drills or teaching points. No guessing! I'll explain everything you need to know. All the drills, all the tips, on video, in the order you want to do them.

Step-By-Step Walkthrough of 19 Drills & Skill Progressions

Each day will build on what you learned the day before. The first days are easier so you have a chance to relearn the habit that's been holding you back, then become more challenging as your skill improves.

46 Training Videos in all

Over 2 hours of total video content... You can progress at your own speed. You've got life-access, so you can spend extra time when you need it, and bounce back and forth between workouts as needed.

7 Daily PDF Downloads

These 7 daily PDF downloads are design to help keep you on track towards better hand placement & better shooting consistency

More Than Just 'What To Do'...

A BIG difference in what I'm teaching is the PROGRESSION of drills...
I'm not just going to tell you what to do. I'm going to teach you what to do, how to do it and the right time to try to do it.

Meet Your COACH


Coach Dave Love

Shooting Coach Dave Love has worked in the NBA since 2009.  He has been the shooting coach for 3 NBA teams and worked with DOZENS of NBA players.  Every NBA player that Coach Love has worked with has shot a career high in their time together.

Tristan Thompson switched his shooting hand… and shot a career high!

Aaron Gordon improved 30% coming out of college and into his rookie year!

Dewayne Dedmon improved 27% from the free throw line and now makes 3s! 


Learn from the coach the pros trust


Lifetime access – take the program over and over

Confidence In Your Shot

The confidence knowing that you can execute consistently will be with you when you are in a complex pressure situation.

More Points Per Game

Your points per game will dramatically increase. This will come as both the result of the new skilled habits, as well as the increased confidence you bring to the court. 

More Playing Time

Making more shots leads to more playing time, better teams, better coaching, more opportunities to excel at the game.

Remove the Guess Work

7 Days To A Better ARC gives you a CLEAR path to follow towards becoming a better shooter. No more guessing. No more hoping to stumble on a good habit. No more practicing the wrong habits.

Get Out of a Slump in Minutes (Not days!)

You will know what a good shot feels like, and the feeling of a mistake. You’ll be able to immediately identify why you missed that shot, and end the slump in one shot, rather than weeks. 

Improve Your Shooting Today

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What students

Are Saying:

"Coach Love helped me build new habits that helped unlock the potential in my game, grow my confidence and make a significant jump as a player. He laid out a process that helped me improve 30% from the free throw line in one season."
Aaron Gordon
"I worked with Dave Love starting after my rookie year in the NBA. Both my 3pt and FT percentages increased dramatically after working with Coach Love, and I learned how to diagnose and correct my own mistakes."
Elfrid Payton
"Coach Love helped me improve 20% from the FT line in one season and set the stage for me becoming a reliable 3pt shooter. Not only does Dave Love teach you WHAT to do and WHY, but he also teaches you the drills to learn HOW to learn new habits. That was huge for me."
Dewayne Dedmon
"In shooting workouts it’s not unusual for me to make 20+ 3pt shots in a row. My game shooting has improved from 39% to 59%. My FT shooting has improved from 65% to 89%. Thanks Coach Dave for helping me become a really good shooter."
"My son is a junior in high school and a passionate basketball player. It’s been one month since my son took Coach Love's training, and he has worked on it 30 out of the 31 days since. He has TRULY seen a difference with the consistency of his shot and in turn his confidence. Coach Love is an EXPERT shooting coach."
"Dave Love is an investment that will receive results early and long term if the process is followed. I encourage the local basketball community to get started with Dave as early as possible. He is a true asset to the game and the lost art of shooting."
*Testimonial & Results Disclaimer:
Results will vary for each person based on a variety of factors, therefore those described here should not be viewed as typical. Always consult a physician before starting any new training.