About Coach Dave Love

The NBA’s Phoenix Suns hired Dave as a Shooting Consultant for the 2009-10 season. Dave worked exclusively with Louis Amundson, and the impact was immediately recognizable. Louis’s free throw percentage improved by 11% over the previous season, and he also achieved career highs in field goal and free throw percentage.

This opportunity spurred several others including working with both Grant Hill and DeShawn Stevenson. The Oklahoma City Thunder became interested in Dave’s success and hired him as their Shooting Consultant for their D-League team, the Tulsa 66ers, in 2010-11. His work with players Ryan Reid, Jerome Dyson and Elijah Millsap led to his promotion as Shooting Consultant for the Thunder.

In 2013 Coach Love was hired by the Cleveland Cavaliers to work with fellow Canadian Tristan Thompson. Thompson became the first player in NBA history to switch his dominant shooting hand, and under Coach Love’s guidance increased his career high from the free throw line from 60% to 69%.

Dave is currently working with players from the Orlando Magic.



When it comes to shooting the basketball well, consistently, my philosophy emphasizes simplicity. The methodology educates players how each part of the body affects the shooting process, and attempts to instill a simple shooting technique that can be easily repeated. Shooting a basketball is fundamentally about muscle memory, and therefore our teachings are focused on retraining the muscles and building good shooting habits.