Shooting Camp Video Bundle

Shooting Camp Video Bundle

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"Dave Love is a shooting guru..."
- Aaron Gordon, Orlando Magic

See what it's like to attend a Coach Dave Love Shooting Camp. Get both Coach Dave Love's Shooting 101 and Drills 101 videos together for 20% off.


A clip from Coach Dave Love - Shooting 101

  • If you’ve never had the opportunity to attend one of NBA Shooting Coach Dave Love’s clinic, this is your chance. 
  • You will be taken through your lower body, grip, ball path, and follow through so that you fully understand what your body should be doing when you shoot the ball, but also WHY. 
  • A must-have for any young basketball player, or coach of youth basketball.
  • You will acquire the building blocks that he uses with all his athletes to use in developing your shot.
  • Approximate Run-Time: 54 min.


A clip from Coach Dave Love - Drills 101

  • Learn the drills that Coach Love uses with his NBA clients to improve their balance, simplify their shooting mechanics, get more arc on shots, and get their non-shooting hand off the ball.
  • Learn what drills you should be doing to improve your shooting habits.
  • You will acquire the building blocks for developing a better more consistent shot.
  • As a Coach you will have the essential shooting technique drills to help your players become better shooters. 
  • Approximate Run-Time: 41 min.