Details Really Matter

Details Really Matter

What if you could improve your shooting percentage by 30% in one season?

What would be possible for you, or for the players on your team?  Increased confidence.  More points.  More wins.  Playing at a higher level.

Now, normally I’m the one that says “be patient” and “it takes time…”.  And it does take time.  It took one of my NBA clients several months.  But we look back now and that seems like the blink of an eye.

I was hired by an NBA team just after the draft of 2014.  The team had just drafted a huge “project” player with the #4 pick in the draft.  A player that was loaded with potential and athleticism but not a refined basketball player yet, as most players aren’t at the age of 18.  This player had just completed one year in college, but had shot 42% from the free throw line during that season.  Needless to say, this player was not viewed as a shooter.  The team hired me to help.

A week later I was finally in a gym with the player for the first time. 

It took me about 5 shots to see the ball wasn’t spinning purely, and about another 5 shots to figure out why.  In 10 shots I had identified a little detail that coaches miss.  Now we just needed a progressive plan to get better at the habits. 

He gripped the ball like he was palming it, and tried to shoot out of that grip. The ball came out of his hand differently ever shot because of it.

We shot form shots for several weeks.  Most would have given up, but I knew he could do it, he just needed time and practice.  Then about 6 weeks into the process he made a significant jump. 

Early in the season he was making about 62% of free throws, which is 20% better than college.  The team was thrilled as they were starting to see his potential.  Then the player got hurt.  He sat out a month in the middle of year, but we made great use of the time by refining another little detail within his shot.  He returned from injury and finished the season making 84% of his free throws.  DOUBLE WHAT HIS PERCENTAGE WAS THE YEAR BEFORE!!!

Details matter.  Expertise matter.  Hard work matters.  If you can put a motivated player together with a knowledgable shooting coach, anything is possible.

Imagine what would happen for you or a player on your team if you could improve your shooting by 30%?

Would you get more playing time?  Probably.

More shots?  Obviously!

More confidence?  Of course!

Play at a high level?  That becomes more likely.

Now you can get the same progression of drills that I did with this player that helped him improve so quickly.  They are all in my “7 Days to a Better Guide Hand” online shooting program.

7 Workouts.  20+ drills in video format.  20+ video tips.  2 hours of content.  Lifetime access.  All for the price of one session with your local trainer.

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