Form Shooting – Repetition Without Repetition

Form Shooting – Repetition Without Repetition

It is easy for form shooting to become highly repetitive. And that repetition is a double edge sword.

We need to get a high number of reps to change a habit, but the more repetitive the situation the less it translates to a game.

So my goal over the last couple of years has been to improve the way I do form shooting.  Still get the high number of reps, but with more variability – BUT STILL KEEP THE MINDFULNESS NEEDED TO CHANGE A HABIT.

My goal isn’t perfect reps.  It is improved reps in a dynamic environment.  See how I do that…

I’d love for you to watch the video and let me know the moments that really help you… What time in the video?  Why did it help?  Leave me a message in the comments.

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