Isolate Your Bad Habits

Isolate Your Bad Habits

Hopefully you’ve watched the video of your shot…

If you haven’t… why not?  You asked for my help, and I’m offering it to you for free, but YOU need to work.  You need to STUDY.  You need to practice.

So many players that subscribe to this program don’t even watch the videos I send them.  I’ve giving them the free advice they asked for and they don’t even take the time to sit there and WATCH.  Those players don’t get better.

But the NBA players I work with, they WORK.  We’ll send video back and forth, and they will watch the videos over and over again.  And then they improve by 20+% in one season.   BE THAT PERSON.

So today… watch the video above… learn how to ISOLATE the bad habit so you can actually hold yourself accountable to getting better.

If you need, go back and watch the other videos.  


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