"Man, shooting is boring."

This one line sticks in my head as the most honest thing a player has ever said to me.

“Man, shooting is boring”

I had been working with this NBA player for a couple of months.  He was very guarded in the beginning, and didn’t appear to find any joy in the process.   As time went by, and he started to see some improvement, he started trusting me more and opening up along the way.

Then one workout in the middle of August, in a dark gym in his hometown, we were shooting free throws to finish a workout.  On the particular day, we chose to finish the workout with 100 free throws and measure how many we made.  The player was at about 30 attempts, and halfway through his shooting routine when he stopped, put the ball on his hip and looked at me.

“Man, shooting is boring” he said.  I laughed.  “Yes.  Yes, it is” I replied.

Shooting IS boring.  Our goal is to do the same thing over and over again, and resist the urge to do something different.

If you want to improve at shooting, the reality is you need to shoot A LOT.  You need to fight to keep things simple.  You need to learn simple habits and learn to execute them as perfectly as possible.

There isn’t really a short cut.  There is just the work that is needed.  Most people aren’t willing to do that work.

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