Shoot Like A Pro

Learn the techniques NBA players use to improve their game.

The Role of the Wrist-Snap

It is probably the most iconic image of shooting a basketball.  When to see someone who doesn't play the game mimic a shooting motion, they often make a very pronounced wrist snap.  That is shooting in their mind, and they aren't far off in that assessment.   The...

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The Unintentional Fade-Away

First off, I have nothing against fade-aways. If you can shoot them at a high percentage (Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant), then I'm good with them. But I will always choose a balanced shot over a fade-away from the same shooter. The fact of the matter is, when you...

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Synchronizing Your Shot

Steph Curry has some of the best range in the history of the NBA.  Steph Curry is also far from strongest players in the NBA.  Very strong for an average human being, but not among the strongest of the freak athletes in the NBA.  The fact is, range isn't based just on...

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When Should My Non-Shooting Hand Come Off The Ball?

We've talked in other blogs about the relationship between the shooting hand and the non-shooting hand (NSH).  The two hands do work together, but with one as the supporting actor, and one as the star of the show.   Ultimately, shooting a ball is a one-person-show....

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Where Should My Non-Shooting Hand Go?

The role of the non-shooting hand (NSH) is similar to the role of the supporting actor or actress in a movie.  Critical, but not the focal point.   Ultimately, we need the NSH to hold the ball into the shooting hand as we lift the ball from triple threat position to...

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Why I Don’t Teach Shoulder Width Feet

"Feet Shoulder Width Apart" drives me crazy. I hate it so much!!!  But probably not for the reason you think.  See, I'm actually on-board with the idea of wide feet, I just LOATH the body part that we all chose as a reference point. Do me a favour (I'm Canadian,...

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