Shoot Like A Pro

Learn the techniques NBA players use to improve their game.

You Said You'd Never Complain

It can be hard being a role player in the NBA.  Sometimes you are called upon, and sometimes you aren’t. I was doing a workout after practice with a young player that was in his second full year out of the G-League.  The player wasn’t right that day, and you could...

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Using Your Legs Evenly

When I give an analogy of a players shot, my typical go-to is a catapult.  Your lower body is the base of the catapult, and your shooting hand is the arm of the catapult.  The beautiful part of the catapult is that there are very few variables.  Theoretically, you get...

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Ten Toes At The Rim

This is one of the biggest debates in skill development.  Should you turn your feet, or square them to the target?  Tilt, or ten toes at the rim?There are players that do one, and other that do the other,, and many times the same player will appear to have both habits...

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I Thought I Had Said It A Thousand Times

I had a point guard in the NBA that I worked with regularly over the course of two seasons.  In season we would see each other regularly, and in the off season I would see him every other week.  We saw a lot of each other. When you work with someone that regularly,...

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"Man, shooting is boring."

This one line sticks in my head as the most honest thing a player has ever said to me. “Man, shooting is boring”I had been working with this NBA player for a couple of months.  He was very guarded in the beginning, and didn’t appear to find any joy in the process.  ...

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I'm Starting To See It Happen Too

I get messages from young players on social media all the time saying they tried a particular habit, but it didn’t work for them and so they are going back to their old habits despite having limited success with those.  I usually ask what they were working on and when...

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