Shoot Like A Pro

Learn the techniques NBA players use to improve their game.

How Your Ball Path Effects Your Arc

I define the Ball Path as the path that the ball takes to get from triple threat to the set point or shooting pocket.  It really doesn't matter what we call it, but we do need to understand how it affects our shot. It is easy to look at this part of our shot as a...

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The Power Doesn't Just Come From Your Legs

"Bend your legs."  "The power in your shot comes from your legs."   This is what we’ve all heard over and over again throughout our careers.  If I go into clinics and ask 11 year olds where the power in their shot comes from, all the kids that are brave enough to...

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Index Finger On The Middle

When I started as a shooting coach I spent most of my time looking at players feet. I believed balance was very important (and still do), and it was relatively easy to see. As I improved as a shooting coach, I was able to see more of the shot and my beliefs started to...

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Spine Angle

When we talk about a player's balance we tend to think about their feet.  I do too.  It's important to understand that other parts of our body affect the balance of a shooter, and maximize the chances of them being able to be, and stay on balance. But before we get...

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Getting Your Shooting Hand Wide

There are some important concepts in shooting that transcend age and level of play. From young players all the way up to the NBA players I coach, I am trying to get everyone to the same place when it comes to their shooting hand. Let me explain. It is my goal for...

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Watching the Ball Mid-Flight

Coaching is full of contradictions.  Play aggressive defense, but don’t foul.  Make quick decisions, but don’t turn the ball over.  Box out, but just go get the ball.  We are all guilty of it, and it will probably never change. The reality is, we are trying to prepare...

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