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If you hold the ball wrong you are playing defence on yourself!  Learn the details that NBA Shooting Coach Dave Love teaches his clients in how to grip the ball, and unlock your potential.



In this eBook, NBA Shooting Coach Dave Love goes through how each hand affects your ability to shoot the ball in meticulous detail. Learn where to position each hand, when to take off the guide hand, how the index finger is the key, and how this all relates to the target line. Coach Love covers it all, leaving you with a comprehensive understanding of why the grip of the ball is so important. Coach Love was the first shooting coach in the history of the NBA to successfully help a player switch their shooting hand, and the player shot a career high that year. So Coach Love knows a thing or two about how important the details in your grip are. Did you know that guide hand errors are usually caused by shooting hand mistakes? One NBA client adjusted the positioning of his thumb and improved 30% from the free throw line in one season! Come learn that and a whole lot more!

1 review for eBook - Hands Report

  1. aklester6

    Awesome terminology! Lots of information and truth to it all! Keep working hard and teaching the art of shooting. God bless!

    • Coach Dave

      Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to recommend it to others.

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