Personalized Video Shot Analysis

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Imagine the advantage you would gain as a player if you could sit down with an NBA Shooting Coach and watch video of your own shot!  Learn what you do well, and what you can improve.



This is as close to a private shooting lesson with an NBA Shooting Coach as we can get!  Immediately after investing in your Personalized Video Shot Analysis, you will be sent directions on exactly what kind of video NBA Shooting Coach Dave Love wants to you take.  Once you've uploaded that video to the form we provide, Coach Love will record his voice over the video of your shot, slowing it down, pausing when needed, and even drawing on the screen.  It is like sitting down beside an NBA Shooting Coach and watching the video together.  Coach Love will explain your great habits and why they are helping you, but also show you the habits you can improve and why they will make you better.  Come out of the 12-15min personalized video with a clear idea of what you need to work on, so that you aren't guessing about your shot and changing things unnecessarily.  This is a must-have for any serious player that wants to improve their shot.

Please allow 1 week for the email delivery of your Video Shot Analysis.

3 reviews for Personalized Video Shot Analysis

  1. Mark J. (verified owner)

    Coach, many thanks for the video analyses you're doing for our players. The videos are clear, concise and very accessible for the players. Really appreciate the time and effort that goes into making these videos so tight and jam-packed with actionable suggestions for improvement.

    • Coach Dave

      Thank you Coach! Glad you found it worth the investment!

  2. J (verified owner)

    Thank you Coach Love for the video analysis for my 12 yr old son! It was easy to understand and gave us a specific steps to improve his shooting over the next few years. It was worth every penny!

    • Coach Dave

      Thank you so much. Glad it helped you out!

  3. Travis Scott (verified owner)

    Purchased this for my 13 yr old daughter. His critique made all the difference in the world improving her shot. Well worth the investment.

    • Coach Dave

      Thanks Travis!

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