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Get all of Coach Dave Love's Shooting Camp videos and eBooks for 20% off the regular price of the individual items, when you buy the bundle.

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  • Shooting 101 Video
  • Drills 101 Video
  • Ball Path eBook
  • Hands eBook
  • Feet eBook

Shooting 101 Video

Have you always wanted to attend a clinic put on by an NBA shooting coach? Coach Dave Love takes you through the teaching points from a typical 3-hour clinic that he conducts for grassroots players and coaches. Learn how your feet, grip, and follow-through affect each other and how they impact your ability to shoot the basketball. Coach Love with not only explain what each part of your shot should be doing but WHY. Not only will you become a better shooter after watching this video you will also become a better shooting coach. Learn the simple concept of "positive power" and apply it every part of your body to create a consistent and repeatable shot.

Drills 101 Video

There are hundreds of drills to get shots up that don't teach you better form. Learn the drills that NBA Shooting Coach Dave Love uses with his clients to improve their shooting form. This 1-hour video will show and explain drills used to improve a players balance, get their non-shooting hand off the ball, keep their shot simple, and gain consistency. Learn how to do simple but effective drills that NBA players have used to raise their FT percentage and become reliable 3-point threats. Overlooked by many coaches, these drills progress players from form-shooting to game speed shooting, while focussing on building new, better habits. You won't see these drills on Instagram, because they aren't flashy and exciting. You will see these drills in practice gyms around the NBA, and now you can learn them too!

Ball Path eBook

Some of the most controversial shots in NBA history have unusual ball paths, but coaches rarely talk about it. Learn what NBA Shooting Coach Dave Love considers to be one of the most important part of a player's shot, and learn how to do it well. See how the Ball Path will affect consistency, arc, and the speed of your release. One NBA client improved their ball path and not only improved from 55% to 75% from the free throw line in one season but also became a legitimate 3-point threat. Understanding these ideas can do the same for you and your players.

Hands eBook

Learn where to position each hand, when to take off the guide hand, how the index finger is the key, and how this all relates to the target line. Coach Love covers it all, leaving you with a comprehensive understanding of why the grip of the ball is so important. Coach Love was the first shooting coach in the history of the NBA to successfully help a player switch their shooting hand, and the player shot a career high that year. So Coach Love knows a thing or two about how important the details in your grip are. Did you know that guide hand errors are usually caused by shooting hand mistakes? One NBA client adjusted the positioning of his thumb and improved 30% from the free throw line in one season!  

Feet eBook

Learn how to position your feet, how their width and amount of stagger affect your shot, and how this all relates to Positive and Negative Power. Coach Love covers it all, leaving you with a comprehensive understanding of why your feet are so important. Did you know that being athletic can actually be a disadvantage if you don't have great balance? One NBA client made a small adjustment to their feet and became a reliable 3-point threat, in just a couple of weeks.


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