Feet Report

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"Dave Love is a shooting guru..."
- Aaron Gordon, Orlando Magic

Learn how you should be connecting to the floor and using that tool to improve your jumper. So many players think that their jumper occurs only in their arms, and overlook how they should position their feet to maximize their potential. You’ll learn why players may take steps that slow their shot down, and how searching for more power can affect your accuracy. Ideal for coaches of players 10-15, and players that are very athletic.

  • Learn how through correcting your feet position you can become a more consistent shooter.
  • You will gain the knowledge to make adjustments in your feet positioning that will benefit players of all ages.
  • As a player be able to correct and work on errors in your shot by being able to make adjustments in your feet and balance.
  • 11 Pages
  • Text and photos
  • Printer friendly to take to the gym