Hands Report

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"Dave Love is a shooting guru..."
- Aaron Gordon, Orlando Magic

Learn the importance of how you hold the basketball. So much more than just “get the ball off the palm of your hands”, this PDF file will explain which finger is actually the middle of your hand, and why that is so important. You’ll also learn why most problems players have in not using their non-shooting hand are due to errors in their shooting hand. Ideal for coaches of players 13-18 years old, and players that don’t get proper rotation on the ball.

  • Learn the key components he places on the hands in developing a consistent shot.
  • You will acquire the knowledge to determine how both hands affect consistent shot making.
  • As a player be able to correct and work on errors in your shot through learning the key that the hands play.
  • 17 Pages
  • Text and photos
  • Printer friendly to take to the gym