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Help identifying what to work on?

Specific drills to improve your habits?

Daily check-ins from an NBA Shooting Coach?

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Exactly what you should be working on?

What drills you should be doing to improve?

When to finish and move on to a new drill?



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"Coach Love helped me build new habits that helped unlock the potential in my game, grow my confidence and make a significant jump as a player. He laid out a process that helped me improve 30% from the free throw line in one season."
Aaron Gordon
"Coach Love helped me improve 20% from the FT line in one season and set the stage for me becoming a reliable 3pt shooter. Not only does Dave Love teach you WHAT to do and WHY, but he also teaches you the drills to learn HOW to learn new habits. That was huge for me."
Dewayne Dedmon
"I worked with Dave Love starting after my rookie year in the NBA. Both my 3pt and FT percentages increased dramatically after working with Coach Love, and I learned how to diagnose and correct my own mistakes."
Elfrid Payton

Every NBA player that Coach Love has worked with has shot a
career high in their time together.



Daily Personal Contact with Coach Love

Send a video of your shot as often as you like and ask any questions you have. Coach Love will reply within 24hrs.

Drill Suggestions & Feedback

Take the drill recommendations from Coach Love and send back video of you doing the drills to help you dig even deeper into your potential.

Access to Extensive Drills Database

Get detailed videos of all Coach Love’s drills.


Gain exclusive access to see how Coach Love progresses through workouts with players so you can implement those steps into your workout.


Gain Personal Connections

If you want an ongoing personal connection, get the INNER CIRCLE. Engage with Coach Love and a group of like-minded players constantly striving to improve.

Consistent and Accurate Feedback

Be able to get advice on what drills to do, get in the gym two days later and send a video to make sure the drill is being done correctly and what to watch out for.

NOT just a workout program

SHOT DEVELOPMENT SYSTEMS are perfect if you know what your bad habit is, and you really only have one. But if you have a couple of little things working against you, the INNER CIRCLE is for you.

Check-ins when needed

If you want to be able to check in regularly over the course of a week and make sure you are on the right track, you need the INNER CIRCLE.

Be prepared for success

Don’t think that you will become a great shooter in one month. If you want a $47 solution, pick the SDS that best fits your needs and spread that out. But the INNER CIRCLE will help you create long-term sustainable change.


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SIGN UP Now - $97/Month $127

A Letter From Coach Love

Over the years I’ve heard from people all over the world that want my help to make more shots. It pained me when I wasn’t able to help them because they lived in another country.

Then in 2014 I worked with an NBA player that was a 55% free throw shooter. I had 3 days in person with him, and then the rest of the summer we were in different cities, and sharing video back and forth. I wasn’t sure it would work, but he ended up improving 23% from the line that season, then another 10% over the next few season, and now shoots 3s at a 37% rate.

I started to realize that I didn’t have to be in the same gym, or even the same city to help a player get results. We could use video.

So I created this Inner Circle, and I’ll be honest, I was a little unsure if it would work. But seeing the results members are getting, and how they are feeling about their progress, has me fired up to help more people.

It is amazing what you can do when you have a motivated player, an experienced coach, and some patience. I have players that have never made a 3 in a game and are now making them regularly. Players that weren’t ever passed the ball now being encouraged by teammates to shoot more. I’m getting messages from players saying they just made 10 shots in a row in a workout for the first time, or shooting it great in a try-out when they were really nervous.

It really is so rewarding to hear the stories, and I want to do the same for you.

When you join my Inner Circle you’ll be given access to all my drills, fully explained in video form. AND you are given a phone number that you can message me directly on WhatsApp. When you message me you’ll get an automated message welcoming you and explaining what kind of video I’d like to see so that you can send that as soon as possible. From that time on, every message comes directly from me.

I’ll watch your video, point out the things I think we need to work on, and direct you towards the drills I want you doing, and what I want you to focus on while doing them. Then you send video back and we repeat the process.

Every time you message me I will reply within 24hrs, and usually more like 6-12hrs.

I have parents helping their kids, youth players working on their own, overseas professionals, adults that play in recreational leagues, and more! If you want to learn to make more shots, I can help you.

– Coach Dave Love

FRequently Asked Questions

Yes, you CAN. I want you to come into the Inner Circle with the mindset that changing habits takes time, and development never really ENDS. But if your circumstances change, you can absolutely cancel. But if you are hoping to improve everything in one month, you might want to consider my Shot Development Systems instead. That is what they are designed for.
You CAN. You just have to understand the pros of each system. If you know what you need to work on, and just need some direction on how to work on it, a Shot Development System is a great solution for you. But if you aren’t sure what is holding you back, and/or you want constant personal feedback on how you are doing, then the Inner Circle is for you.
Yes, but you would be missing a large piece of what makes Inner Circle special. Whatsapp is a free app that can be downloaded on your smart phone, and then you get the full value of the Inner Circle – direct access to me personally!
I can, but you need to either sign up each player with their own account, or you need to commit to focussing on one player per month. The monthly fee is for one player at a time. If you are a coach, you can switch up the player you want to focus on each month, but only one player per month.
Sorry, my schedule doesn’t allow this so it isn’t covered in the Inner Circle fee. There may be times I’m available for this kind of service, but it is rare, and would be a separate fee.
I only start working with players 11 years old and older. With young players I do recommend that it is the parent that is in contact with me through Whatsapp. There is no older age limit or skill level requirement. I have adult players that never even plan to play again, but just want to learn and make more shots when they shoot around with friends. I also have pro and college players that have joined. If you want to get better, I’m willing to help.
If you’ve used any of my online programming then you have a great foundation to build off. You should be joining the Inner Circle because you want consistent, personal, feedback.
No, sorry. My time is in demand. If price is your primary concern, then you can go with a cheaper, less experienced coach. If you want to get coaching from someone that is proven to get results, then I’m happy to work with you.
*Testimonial & Results Disclaimer:
Results will vary for each person based on a variety of factors, therefore those described here should not be viewed as typical. Always consult a physician before starting any new training.