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6 Week Shot Transformation Program

Starting Sept 3, 2023

Learn the skills To Become thE Best SHooter on the court, and...


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Starting Sept 3, 2023

Program Price - $97
From Coach Dave Love:

Here’s a special message for every basketball player who needs to improve their shooting habits, but don’t know what drills they should be doing or what habits to focus on in those drills.

Hi, my name is Coach Dave Love and if you want to become a BETTER, more CONSISTENT SHOOTER, then pay very close attention!

Many basketball players have the idea that copying what the best shooters do in games will make them a great shooter too…

But nothing could be further from the truth. And if you’re a basketball player who wants to consistently make more shots…

I won’t have you copy what great shooters do in games… I will teach you the progressions of drills that I’ve taught to NBA players that have helped them improve.

This 6 Week Total Shooter Transformation is exactly what you’re looking for.

I’d like to invite you to join the Coach Dave Love 6 Week Total Shooter Transformation to help you improve your shooting and how to become the most consistent shooter on the court!

In fact, “Total Shooter Transformation” will give you the confidence to:

And much, MUCH more!

And best of all… you’ll start seeing results with the Total Shooter Transformation in the first week.

Even better, the entire package is only $97 (but if you act now you can get the special early-bird price!)

Bottom line: every basketball player who wants to consistently make more shots should understand that…

The Total Shooter Transformation holds the key to your success with your shot.

What to expect during the Total Shooter Transformation PROGRAM

During the six week Total Shooter Transformation you will get access to videos of the same drills that get done in NBA practice gyms that you won’t find on social media – all from a real NBA Shooting Coach!

When you sign up you’ll be given access to an exclusive website with videos of all the prep work you need to identify the habits holding you back. You can also download a free App for your phone or tablet to access the videos. You are going to learn a professional, complete approach to shooting development.  Not just a few drills.

In week ONE you’ll get videos to learn what habits to look for and determine what habits are holding you back. Then you’ll learn drills to isolate those habits

As the weeks go by you’ll get access to more videos teaching you how to start to build on the drills we’ve used by learning how to play with different layers.  This is what most coaches miss – they never teach you how to layer drills so you can actually apply what you are learning into game situations.

What We'll Cover


This is the key to improving. You need to get REALLY specific about WHAT you are going to improve. We'll spend time helping you figure this out.


Learn to hold yourself accountable to getting the skill right by isolating the bad habits, removing them, and replacing them with good habits using the drills included in this course.


Execute the new habits you've learned while you are moving in different ways on the court.


Catching is a skill with its own micro-skills. Learn the in and out's of a good catch, and learn to pair it with movement AND your new shooting habits.


Learn the micro-skills associated with a dribble, and start to use your refined shooting habits in "off the dribble" situations.


Start to learn to shoot simple shots with defenders and learn how to incorporate snap decision making into drills.


Take your new skills to the court and learn how to apply them to in-game situations.

Get high level NBA coaching and DRILLS from home

Starting JANUARY 9, 2023

Skip the guesswork and get access to exactly what you need to improve your shot

(These drills have helped the best players in world improve!)


Yes! I’ve added a private Facebook group to the mix for this round of the TST.  In this group you’ll be able to ask questions, and submit video of you doing drills so that Coach Love and his team of coaches can give you feedback and keep you on track. PLUS, Coach Love will be doing regular Facebook Lives  to answer the most common questions of the group.


No, at the beginning of each week all the drills and tip for the week will be added to the program and you can access them any time you want, as often as you want, for the duration of the program. Then you can go to the gym on your own time to work on those drills.

You CAN. You’ll have access to the program for 2 weeks after the program ends, so you don’t have to start right on the first day.

You’ll have access to the program for the full 6 weeks, PLUS an additional couple of weeks to catch up on anything you might not have got to.  Then, there will be another program starting again so you can take your game to the next level when you are ready.

That price is the price for the WHOLE PROGRAM. I want to be able to help as many people as possible.

BOTH!  All the videos will be hosted on an exclusive website, but you can also access the videos through a free app that you can download for your phone or tablet.

Absolutely!! Coaches are always welcome.

Absolutely! Basketball is supposed to be fun. So have fun. But if you want to get better you need to set aside time to work too. If you play for an hour and shoot 10 shots in those games, but then get to work for 30min where you shoot 150 shots, you can absolutely change your habits. But you can’t shoot 150 shots in games and do 10 shots of work and expect the habits to change.


Once you sign up you’ll be able to log-in to an exclusive website. On the first day of the program all of the content for the first week will appear. Each week, new content will be added. You’ll also be able to access this information through a free downloadable app on your phone or tablet.


Aaron Gordon NBA PLAYER

"Coach Love helped me build new habits that helped unlock the potential in my game, grow my confidence and make a significant jump as a player. He laid out a process that helped me improve 30% from the free throw line in one season."


Go into the gym every few days but...

have a new idea of what you need to work on, and NONE of them seem to work.

Are searching social media for drills that will help you but...

don’t really know what part of your shot needs to improve!

Know that shooting is holding your game back but...

you don’t know what you should do to improve it.

Are tired of getting conflicting advice but...

you don’t know WHO to listen to. (Hint: It's real NBA Coach Dave Love! He gets results.)

*Testimonial & Results Disclaimer:
Results will vary for each person based on a variety of factors, therefore those described here should not be viewed as typical. Always consult a physician before starting any new training.