Shoot Like A Pro

Learn the techniques NBA players use to improve their game.

Wrist Snapping Cause and Effect

One of the biggest challenges in diagnosing an issue within a shot is figuring out whether the issue the coach sees is the cause of problem, or the effect of another problem.  In other words, we see something we don't like as coaches, but is that the problem, or is...

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Be a Better Shooter in 10 Minutes

Times have really changed. It used to be that players would go years before they ever saw themselves shoot the ball. There were no cameras in phones and video cameras were either cumbersome, expensive, or non-existent. Now, everyone has a great camera available right...

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Learning to Play Jazz

Often at the youth clinics that I run, I will set aside some time for coaches, parents, and players to ask questions. Many have never been around anyone directly involved with the NBA before, so it is a great chance for them to ask about what it’s really like....

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Correcting a Hitch

I had a player that I worked with at the University of Calgary that tore his MCL in one of the first games of the pre-season.  He, and the rest of the team was devastated.  We are already a good team, the kind of team that was a threat to win our conference. But this...

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The Role of the Wrist-Snap

It is probably the most iconic image of shooting a basketball.  When to see someone who doesn't play the game mimic a shooting motion, they often make a very pronounced wrist snap.  That is shooting in their mind, and they aren't far off in that assessment.   The...

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The Unintentional Fade-Away

First off, I have nothing against fade-aways. If you can shoot them at a high percentage (Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant), then I'm good with them. But I will always choose a balanced shot over a fade-away from the same shooter. The fact of the matter is, when you...

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