Shooting Clinic Videos:


Shooting 101


Learn the ideas and techniques for a simpler, more consistent jump shot.

Coach Dave Love takes you through the teaching points from a typical half-day clinic that he conducts for grassroots players and coaches.

Learn how your feet, grip, and follow-through affect each other and how they impact your ability to shoot the basketball. Coach Love will not only explain what each part of your shot should be doing, but WHY.

Become a better shooter and a better shooting coach.

Learn the simple concept of "positive power" and apply it every part of your body to create a consistent and repeatable shot.


Drills 101


Learn the drills and progressions to take new habits from form-shooting to game speed.

There are hundreds of drills to get shots up that don't teach you better form.

Learn the drills that Coach Dave Love uses with his clients to improve their shooting form. This 40+ minute video will show and explain drills used to improve a players balance, get their non-shooting hand off the ball, keep their shot simple, and gain consistency.

Learn how to do simple but effective drills that NBA players have used to raise their FT percentage and become reliable 3-point threats.

Overlooked by many coaches, these drills progress players from form-shooting to game speed shooting, while focussing on building new, better habits.  

You won't see these drills on Instagram, because they aren't flashy and exciting. You will see these drills in practice gyms around the NBA, and now you can learn them too!

Shooting Camp Video Bundle:

Video Bundle

Shooting Camp Video Bundle


Both Videos - Shooting 101 AND Drills 101

The Shooting Camp Video Bundle condenses a half-day clinic into nearly 2 hours of theory, technique, drill, and progressions.

Whether you're a player or coach, Shooting 101 and Drills 101 will combine provide the foundations for a lifetime shooting knowledge.

Learn how to build the right habits and bring more consistency to your shot.

Personalized coaching:

personalized Coaching

Personal Video Shot Analysis


Have Coach Dave Love personally assess your shot.

This is as close to a private shooting lesson with an NBA Shooting Coach as we can get!  

After investing in your Personalized Video Shot Analysis, you'll receive instructions on exactly what kind of video NBA Shooting Coach Dave Love wants to you take and where to send it.

Once you've uploaded your video, Coach Love will record his voice over the video of your shot, slowing it down, pausing when needed, and even drawing on the screen. It's like sitting down beside an NBA Shooting Coach and watching the video together.

Coach Love will highlight your good habits and why they are helping you, but also show you the habits you can improve and why they will make you better.

After Coach Love's 12-15 min personalized video analysis you'll have a clear idea of exactly what you need to work on. Stop guessing about your shot and changing things unnecessarily. This is a must-have for any serious player that wants to improve their shot.

Please allow 1 week for the email delivery of your Video Shot Analysis.

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