How My Warm-Ups Evolve…

How My Warm-Ups Evolve…

This is video of a warm up I recently did with a player to show you how it can evolve.

I’m constantly trying to improve the way I coach. And there are a lot of ways to go about doing that.  

Learning the science of shooting, learning the game…

Lately, one of the ways I’ve been working to grow as a coach is learning about skill acquisition.

What I’ve discovered is that some of my instincts have been great.  And a couple needed to improve.

In the past, I’ve been very linear.  Get good at THIS, before we try to do THAT.  Master step one before you move on to step two.

Now I’m adding far more variability to a lot of different situations.

Watch this video to see how my warm ups have evolved over the years…

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While I try to move on from BLOCK practice as quickly as possible, there is still a time and place for it.  

Early on in a player’s re-coordination I will do more block practice.  But as they show signs of learning the new movement I start to introduce more variability.

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