How to increase your range and be an accurate shooter.

How to increase your range and be an accurate shooter.

Every young player wants to add range. 

They see players like Steph Curry and Dame Lillard making shots from the logo and the crowd going crazy, and want to be able to do the same.

And it does make SOME basketball sense too. Adding range can stretch the floor, and it is almost required now that everyone be a 3 point threat.

So I want to show you how you can increase your range – WHILE MAINTAINING OR INCREASING YOUR ACCURACY.


The only players that are famous for having incredible range were already great shooters in the first place.

The only players encouraged to shoot from the logo are the people that are capable of making a valuable percentage from that distance.

Think about it… once you get to a certain age most people are CAPABLE of getting the ball to the rim from well outside the three-point line.  The problem is you might not be able to be ACCURATE doing that.

This is an important key to keep in mind… if you aren’t already consistent and accurate from closer in, we want to make sure we learn THAT before learning to increase range.


I need you to understand the relationship between range and strength. 

Some of the best long range shooters aren’t the strongest players, but don’t be fooled, they are still incredibly strong individuals. 

Steph Curry may look small on TV, but remember that he is 6’3″, and around 190lbs of muscle, 

Where does the range come from?  These players are great at sequencing their shot and getting all the power that their body creates to work together.

If you are 10 years old, you can’t expect to have the range of a 6’3″ grown man.  You will need to be patient as your body grows and your strength increases.  That happens SLOWLY.  So expect your range to grow slowly as well. 


Many players that struggle with range are using one power source, and then another, rather than using the two at the same time.

The most common mistake is to use the legs, and then the arms.  But we want to try to use the arms and legs at the same time.  There is a compounding factor when you get everything moving in sync.  The amount of power you can generate is exponentially greater when your movements are efficient.

To do this, you have to start the ball moving first.  

We want to start with the ball down around triple threat position and our legs bent.  As we lift the ball up, the legs should stay bent until the ball gets to around the set point.  That is when the legs push and the elbow lifts TOGETHER.

If you start by lifting the ball and your legs at the same time, then you will likely be fully extended in your legs before the ball gets above your shoulders.

Need drills to get your body moving in sync to generate more power? I can help with that.


Like I talked about in my Positive Power blog – the shooter’s body moves to create energy that we give to the basketball to get it moving.

Since we want the ball moving UP and FORWARD towards the hoop, the only directions of energy that help us make shots are those that go UP and FORWARD.

If the ball is moving out away from your body through your shooting gather, then it is going to have to eventually come back towards the body.  And to do that, it will need to change direction.  Every time the ball changes direction, the power it created before that point was lost.

Focus on keeping the ball close to the body and lifting it in a smooth pathway UP close to the body, then UP and FORWARD from the set point.  When you can do this there are no direction changes for the ball and the power continues to flow.

Does the ball change directions on the way up through your shooting stroke?  Have people told you that you have a “hitch” in your shot? Click for drills to start building your fluidity.


But be careful of power sources that do increase range but sacrifice accuracy. These are usually touted by Instagram Shooting Coaches as QUICK FIXES.  

Pushing with two hands will double the amount of power you produce in your arms, but now you will have two hands each pushing the ball off line in opposite directions.  Similarly, rotating your body as you shoot like a discus thrower will generate more power, but remember that the target basketball players have to shoot at is much smaller than the landing area of a discus throw.  The goals of the two sports are very different – discus is about power and distance, shooting a basketball is about accuracy.

Yes, adding distance would be nice, but not at the cost of accuracy.  

To learn to build your power producing habits the RIGHT way, click here!


One of the most important things to keep in mind when increasing your range is to have reasonable expectations.  Range comes from strength and habits, and neither of those things change quickly. 

Even if the idea you need to change is SIMPLE, you won’t be in a HABIT of doing it yet, nor will you be GOOD at it right away.  You’ll need to stay patient

Don’t expect to add 5 feet of range in a day.  That is like expecting to be able to increase your maximum bench press by 50lbs in one workout.  If you try to do that, you are going to get hurt, and the shooting version of getting hurt is developing a bad habit that causes misses.

So focus on increasing your range by one foot at a time.  If you can put together a few months of adding one foot of range per month, you will have the increased range you want, while staying accurate.

Taking video of your shot will be extremely helpful.  Use the slow-motion function of your camera and watch the sequencing of your shot.

What’s Next?

So you’ve taken video of your shot, found the errors in your sequencing that is costing you power (and therefore, costing you range), and you really want to fix it. How do you start?

When my NBA clients struggle with these issues, I use a series of drills designed to help isolate and develop each habit needed to produce the most fluid and powerful shot possible.  We go into the gym, and under my guidance, the players perform the drills.

Obviously, I can’t come to your gym or your court and work with you or your team, BUT, I can give you the next best thing!  I’ve put together a package that I call my Fluidity and Arc Shooting Development System.  It includes over 60 videos and a concrete PLAN for you to start building your range and your best jump shot through great habits.  You’ll get access to the drills and the expertise that I use with ALL my NBA clients.

All the drills that I use to isolate the habits, followed by all the ways that I layer drills to help players apply what they are learning into game situations.

Over 2 hours of video content, 20+ drills and progressions explained in detail, and presented to you in the order I want you doing them.

All the guess work is gone. You just need to follow the system, stay patient, and get the results.

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