Become a Consistent Shooter by using more Positive Power

Become a Consistent Shooter by using more Positive Power

Every shooter has a different body, different habits, different limitations and different needs. 

It can be hard to figure out what YOU need to change to improve, and what you can leave the same.  There’s an even harder second question: what needs to change to improve, and what can stay just because it is comfortable? 

If you can understand this ONE important idea, you’ll be able to figure it out quickly and make way more shots.



Shooting is just Energy or Power.  We move our bodies to generate energy, and then that energy is given to the ball to get it moving. 

There are only two directions of energy that helps you make shots. 

  • Energy that flows straight at the hoop
  • Energy that flows straight up in the air. 


Those are the directions we want the ball travelling – we want the ball going towards the hoop, and we want the arc of the ball high enough that it can drop down on the hoop. 

If you want to become a consistent shooter, you need to create a lot of this energy with as many parts of our body as possible.

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Once we know what positive power is, it is pretty simple to understand what NEGATIVE power is. 

Negative power is any energy that isn’t flowing straight at the target or up in the air.  If any part of your body is creating energy that is even 1 or 2 degrees off line, it is going to be given to the basketball and push the ball off line.  We want to develop habits that REDUCE as much negative energy as possible.

Now you might be wondering – “I can’t create negative energy with ANY part of my body otherwise I’m going to miss?  How do we make ANY shots?”

Simple – two negatives CAN add up to a positive.  It’s just harder to do.  For example, your guide hand CAN push the ball off-line in one direction as long as your shooting hand is off-line on the other side of the ball pushing in the opposite direction.

It CAN happen, it’s just now you have to perfectly sync up two negative forces rather that just trying to build ONE positive habit.

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We are never going to eliminate negative power entirely.  The game is very dynamic, the defenders are talented, and we are human beings.  It will never be PERFECT.

But if we can just create MORE positive power in our shot, and REDUCE the negative power, we are going to become more consistent.

Someone like Steph Curry might have 2-3 different power sources that are pushing the ball SLIGHTLY off-line.  Because there aren’t many, and they aren’t very significant, the ball is usually pretty close to being on line.

Compare that with the average 8 year old that has dozens of negative power sources and some of them are pretty extreme.  It isn’t hard to see why 8 year olds aren’t very consistent.  A lack of experience, lack of awareness, lack of focus, and lots of negative energy is the PERFECT STORM.  But we can improve all those things with practice.

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Take video of your shot from the FRONT, SIDE and BEHIND and then study that video. 

Watch different parts of your body and constantly ask yourself “what direction is it creating energy?”.  If you feel like the power is positive, then keep that habit. 

If you see something creating negative power, then start to look for another body part that is creating negative power in the opposite direction.  You’ll probably find it.  Those are the habits you’ll need to improve.

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Now, you might look shooters in games and see them creating all kinds of negative power and wonder “how much does it really matter then?” 

It is important to understand first that not every shot or shooter will be be perfect.  Great shooters are sometimes forced off balance or have to adjust in the air, AND they are good enough to make those shots occasionally. We need to be very aware of the fact that you can be great BECAUSE of a habit, or great IN SPITE of a habit.

Great shooters can make a DECENT percentage of tough shots when some negative energy is forced.  (Steph Curry shoots 42% from the 3 point line in games).  But they make a GREAT percentage of the easier shots where they are able to create more positive energy.  (Steph Curry makes about 70% of 3 point shots in workouts, even higher if there is only a little movement.  And he makes 92% of free throws, where there is no negative energy being created by movement at all). THOSE are the habits we want to copy.

Copy simple, and try to execute simple in difficult environments.  You might not be perfect, but you can always TRY.

So your goal as a shooter should be to build habits to create as much positive energy as possible.  And then learn to fight in games to keep those habits as simple as possible.  The shooter doesn’t want to be the puppet that is controlled by the defenders, they want to learn to be the puppet master that controls the situation the best possible way.

You don’t NEED to have perfect form.  You WON’T have perfect form, but continue to refine your shooting form to get as much positive power as you can.

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This is nearly impossible for me to explain in a blog.  The fact is there are THOUSANDS of possible negative power sources. 

In many cases it takes a highly trained eye to see them.

And if you do SEE them, you also need to understand how they work together…

And THEN you need to know how to ISOLATE those habits…

And THEN create a progression of drills to build a NEW habit.

Basically, you have to learn to do everything I’ve spend the last 20 years doing.  I can’t teach you all that in one short blog.

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