Analyze Video Of Your Shot

Analyze Video Of Your Shot

Now that you’ve taken the video of your shot, watch it!  

Look in slow motion and pause the video when you need to.  Go back and take new video again if you can’t see something.

Check your feet – are they wide enough to stop the movements in a game and allow you to be balanced?  Are they simple throughout your shot to KEEP your energy at the target?

Check your grip – Can you tell early on which hand is the shooting hand?  Is your shooting hand in a position to push the ball towards the hoop, or will it push off-line?  Is your guide hand pushing the ball?

It is ok to have some bad habits… we just need to see if we can figure out what they are!

Tomorrow I’ll email you again with ways that you can start to ISOLATE this bad habit.

Look for that email tomorrow….

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